In September I will be exhibiting in Paper Contemporary with Unlimited Sydney, as part of Sydney Contemporary, 

13 - 16 September, Carriageworks, Sydney. I am Co-director with Janet Parker-Smith for Unlimited Sydney, a group of five artists' that includes Janet Parker-Smith, Anthony Bartok, Jo Lankester and Angela Hayson. The Curator for Paper Contemporary is Akky van Ogtrop.

In May I will travel to Mildura, Victoria for an Artist's Residency at the Art Vault, with artist Janet Parker-Smith. 

For the Factory49 Group Drawing Show 29 March - 7 April, I created a drawing work on site titled 'Gauge' using knitting needles in an exploration of space, movement and colour.


                                        Artist: Pia Larsen

                                        Title: Gauge

                                        Year: 2018

                                        Materials: plastic knitting needles

                                        Dimensions: variable

I also exhibited in the Factory49 Group Sculpture Show, 1 March - 10 March - part of Art Month Sydney.

The work titled 'Play Well' was created using Lego in an open-ended exploration of form, space and colour.


                                                  Artist: Pia Larsen

                                                  Title: Play Well

                                                  Year: 2017

                                                  Materials: Lego

                                                  Dimensions: 48cm x 48cm x 60cm H

The year started with exhibiting in the Factory49 Group Print Show 1 February - 10 February. 

The piece titled Manifesto was a response to the way language and information are being used to promulgate ideas that run counter to facts, science and history. As if all ideas are contestable in a scrabble-like game.


                                                    Artist: Pia Larsen

                                                    Title: Manifesto

                                                    Year: 2018

                                                    Materials: printmedia + paper

                                                    Dimensions: 177cm H x 85cm W x 2.5cm D 

In 2017 I created a wearable work titled Comet. The series is ongoing. Each piece is unique and combines lino and a range of printmedia and drawing processes on rag and other papers. They are hand-finished, lightweight and durable, mounted on 5mm thick gatorboard.

For sales enquiries email: p.larsen@optusnet.com.au





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