Group show

Sydney Contemporary 2019

O HOUSE Studios in Future Contemporary at Sydney Contemporary 2019, draws together artists with a shared outlook to art making. This year’s program presents the artist Pia Larsen, and artist-duo Sarah Gillett and Tim Corne - with an exhibition of work that draws from ideas around philosophical notions of ones place in the world.

Art show turns up the volume

By Chloe Wolifson

SMH - September 12, 2019 — 12.00am

...Future Contemporary showcases the wares of younger, emerging galleries and there are many interesting discoveries to be made. As well as the curious fictional artist Henri Papin at Tasmanian gallery Michael Bugelli (see highlights), the presentation at O House Studios interweaves the work of Pia Larsen, Sarah Gillett & Tim Corne to explore our place in the universe (take a picture of Gillett & Corne’s work with your camera flash to be momentarily transported).

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