Five Bells - A Visual Ode to Sydney

Group show Damien Minton Gallery

Title: Undertow

Maidenhair (Detail)

Year: 2012

Dimensions: 280cm h x 100cm w x 100cm d

Medium: Muehlenbeckia plant

Blue Rope-entwined-washed up (Detail)

Dimensions: 70cm h x 33cm w x 14cm d

Medium: Blue rope, human hair, wood & metal

Adrift (detail)

Dimensions: variable

Medium: book pages, nylon cord, stainless steel, book pages


'A passage from the poem Five Bells by Australian poet Kenneth Slessor appears in the very first section of the book ‘Sydney’, by Delia Falconer. Falconer's re-reading of the city of Sydney through the lens of this haunting and seminal poem has inspired the Damien Minton Gallery to invite 40 artists to contribute artwork about Sydney'

Damien Minton 

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