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‘Design Isolate’, Covid-19 Isolation reflection, was a 2020 Australian Design Centre initiative to show how creative thought can help us all to make sense of this time and lead the way for change.

The ADC teamed up with Corban and Blair to create a blank canvas for an ‘analogue’ design statement about this unprecedented time that we are all living through.

100 designers/creative thinkers were invited to take part in the project using a handmade journal generously donated for the project by Corban and Blair

Over four weeks artists and designers used their journal to capture their thoughts in sketches, diagrams, drawings, text, collage, on everything from how they see this time of pandemic, how they were spending their time, what they were reading, listening to, watching, making, as well as considering what needed redesigning in our society, culture, psyche, what it looked like, and what was whirling around in the creative brain.

Lisa Cahill

CEO and Artistic Director

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Design Isolate, ADC, Sydney Festival 2021 https://australiandesigncentre.com/object-digital/design-isolate

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