Beautiful Balts(Arthur_Calwell)
Exhibition Mildura Art Centre
Becoming Australian

The project draws from research as well as a personal connection to M who worked for my parents and looked after me as a child.


National Archives of Australia  

Bonegilla Migrant Experience

Bruce Pennay, Charles Sturt University

IM Family Archive

Two works acquired by the Mildura Art Centre, Victoria


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Dreams of Another Life, Mildura Art Centre, Victoria

23 July – 29 November 2020

‘Dreams of Another Life’ contemplates the passage of migration – the act of leaving one place to make a new life elsewhere. M arrived in Australia as a 17-year-old in 1948 as part of Australia’s Mass Migration Scheme for Europe’s Displaced, post WWII. The body of work examined loss of heritage and homeland in a life shaped and constrained by work, gender and language.

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