The year started with exhibiting in the Factory49 Group Print Show 1 February - 10 February. 

The piece titled Manifesto was a response to the way language and information are being used to promulgate ideas that run counter to facts, science and history. As if all ideas are contestable in a scrabble-like game.

Artist: Pia Larsen

Title: Manifesto

Year: 2018

Materials: printmedia + paper

Dimensions: 177cm H x 85cm W x 2.5cm D 

I also exhibited in the Factory49 Group Sculpture Show, 1 March - 10 March that was part of Art Month in Sydney.

The work titled 'Play Well' was created using Lego in an open-ended exploration of form, space and colour.


                                                  Artist: Pia Larsen

                                                  Title: Play Well

                                                  Year: 2017

                                                  Materials: Lego

                                                  Dimensions: 48cm x 48cm x 60cm H

I will also be exhibiting in the upcoming Factory49 Group Drawing Show 29 March - 7 April.


In May I will be attending a Residency at the Art Vault in Mildura with fellow artist Janet Parker-Smith. 


In September I will be exhibiting in Paper Contemporary, part of the Sydney Contemporary Art Fair, 13 September - 16 September, Carriageworks, Sydney. I am co-director with Janet Parker-Smith for Unlimited Sydney, a group of artists' that includes Anthony Bartok, Jo Lankester and Angela Hayson. The Paper Contemporary Curator is Akky van Ogtrop.


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The year’s events also included the Sydney and Melbourne launch of ‘Gerald Lewers Sculptor’, a book by the late Professor Peter Pinson about my maternal grandfather Australian Sculptor Gerald Lewers, husband to Abstract Expressionist artist Margo Lewers. The family home was given to Penrith Council by their daughters, Jeweller Darani Lewers and Printmaker/Architect Tanya Crothers and is now the Penrith Regional Gallery & Lewers Bequest.

A film about Gerry’s life and work is on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/209047680

‘The Motion Room’, September 30 – November 19, 2017 was launched at the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre completing Chapter 1 of the ‘What We Know’ Project. The exhibition showcased stories from the most diverse part of greater Sydney, formulated through printmedia about everyday life in Western Sydney with its many cultures, perspectives and histories. An article I wrote about the project to accompany the ‘The Motion Room’ Exhibition is available onhttp://imprint.org.au/posts


Jane Stratton (Creative Director, Think + DO Tank Foundation) and I worked together during the workshops and subsequent exhibition at CPAC; our vision to involve more people over time and expand the project as a creative voice for the community in Western Sydney. The project was assisted by the Australian Government, through the Australia Council for the Arts its arts funding and advisory body. Jane Stratton developed the original concept as one of a series of ongoing projects that investigate, support and operate as a means to increase community control over everyday life in Green Valley, Liverpool and central Fairfield. 


The work I created for the ‘What We Know’ Residency, titled ‘Glow’.

                                                            Artist: Pia Larsen

                                                            Title: Glow

                                                            Dimensions: 56 x 76cm

Images from the printmedia workshops held at the Liverpool Women’s Resource Centre and Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney, 2016 – 17.

                                   Naimeh Abu-Qalbain pulling a proof at the Liverpool Women’s Resource Centre


Jane Stratton, Pia Larsen, Michelle Munzone, Vicki Wacha, Zahra Mahde & Susan Stewart in the Printmedia Studio, Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney.

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‘Their Loss is Our Loss’ was a month-long exhibition timed to coincide with ANZAC Day, a National Day to commemorate sacrifice. It was specifically installed in SLOT because of its proximity to Redfern and Redfern's long association with Indigenous people and their history in Sydney.  

In this work an Indigenous Honour Roll, (created for the exhibition, ‘The Coloured Digger II’, at the Damien Minton Gallery in Redfern) formed part of something immense in scope, that reaches far back in time and celebrates Indigenous people and their culture in Australia today. 

The project was supported by Tony Twigg, Director of SLOT and Anie Nheu curator for the 2017 SLOT exhibition program and received the Eckersley’s Art & Craft Prize, through the NSW Artist’s Grant program, NAVA/Arts NSW. 

I was granted permission to use the colours of the Australian Aboriginal Flag by Pastor Ray Minniecon, (Redfern ANZAC Day march Coordinator), when I first conceived of an ‘Indigenous Poppy’ for the exhibition at the Damien Minton Gallery.


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In November I co-curated, with Charles Cooper, and exhibited in ‘Flag Wavering', at SLOT space, Alexandria, to coincide with the outcome of the US presidential election on November the 8th. The show examined the American flag as a visual and historic symbol. I exhibited three carton works from my US residency in 2015, along with new carton and bottle works in paper-pulp, gouache and watercolour applied with stencilling and brush.

What We Know (The Motion Room)
A Printmaking enquiry into the skills of local people in 2168
In 1766, Denis Diderot and his fellow "Encyclopedistes" made a beautiful account of contemporary handicrafts in France. The Encyclopedia: A Description of the Arts and Trades used printmaking to showcase the skills of artisans and manufacturers throughout the regions of France.
In 2016, 250 years after the Encyclopedia was published, THE MOTION ROOM artist in residence, Pia Larsen will create an Encyclopedi of 2168 with local residents of the 2168 Postcode Area, recording their skills and celebrating their know-how for perpetuity.

Supporters: This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.

The residency began with print workshops at the Liverpool Women's Resource Centre. The final printing to be undertaken at Sydney College of the Arts and the work exhibited at the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre in 2017. I was made a Research Affiliate to coordinate and complete the project at Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney.   

In May a printmedia work titled  ‘Welcome US’ was selected for the Print Council of Australia Print Commission Program by Roger Butler, Senior Curator, Australian Prints and Drawings, National Gallery of Australia and John Loane, Master Printer and artist, Viridian Press.

The image reconfigured two of the sculptural carton works from my
residency at the WSW in New York. The title, ‘Welcome US’ is conferred as 
a slogan of hope against the reflex to exclude. The PCA promoted the 
Commissioned works through National venues, Blue Mountains Cultural 
Centre, Canopy Art Centre QLD, University of the Sunshine Coast Gallery 
QLD, West Gallery Thebarton SA, Port Jackson Press Print Gallery VIC & 
Megalo Print Studio + Gallery ACT.

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Artist’s residency - New York!

In October - November 2015 I undertook an artist’s residency at the Women’s Studio Workshop in Rosendale, New York creating three bodies of work. Two in sculpture, utilising papermaking and found objects, and the third, images in printmedia.

December 2, 2015 by Chelsea Campbell


Portrait (Pia Larsen reading) - City Lights Bookstore, San Francisco
Photographer/Artist: Analia Gutierrez


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